We had the pleasure to collaborate once more with Admos, one of Belgium’s greatest architectural firms, recently acquired by Cushman & Wakefield. Next to the creation of its ultra-modern logo, we designed an electric and personalised brochure worthy of Admos’ reputation.

Admos designs, shapes and builds

This brochure is actually a case study of Admos’ latest and most spectacular realisations. Together with Admos’ happy customers, we admire the architectural firm for its brilliant ideas about new working spaces.

Admos - Design and Build
Admos - Design
Admos - Build

Electric Colors

Since Admos has a deep love for distinct electric colors, we made a fluorescent orange, pink, green and yellow cover in the shape of its logo.

Admos - Colors
Admos - Tracing papers

Richly Textured

Just as for the electric colours, we wanted to give Admos’ readers the choice by integrating various kinds of textured paper such as drawing paper and transparent tracing paper with handmade croquis drawing. Besides we included three captivating quotes which can easily be detached with of course a reference to Admos on the backside.

Descriptives With A Creative Packaging

We mentioned under each photograph a subtle description of Admos’ work, including the name of its new building, its location, the square metres as well as the number of employees working in the company. The latter coincides with Admos’ philosophy that says that people are the heart of every company and focusses therefore first and foremost on the individual’s well being.

Admos - Icon
Admos - Plan
Admos - Transparents Colors
Admos - Card

Admos’ Electric Personality