The Association for Information and Research on renal Genetic diseases wanted to refresh their image by designing a new website.

Inform, help & support

A beautiful design can also serve causes and topics that are more sensitive and less joyful. Our aim was to give a fresh and youthful look to the AIRG website to improve the navigation and guide the visitors more efficiently to the information they are looking for. The medical imaging and especially visuals of diseases are not always attractive, so we preferred creating graphic elements to illustrate the different topics and brighten the different pages of the website.

The kidney as the basis of our design

In order to develop the visuals for the website, we started with the shape of a kidney and went from there. Once simplified, this harmonious shape became the basis for the various icons present on the website.
The combination of those similar-shaped illustrations and the game of different blue colours on the site, reinforce the AIRG identity and graphic coherence.