Twenty years ago the entrepreneurial and multinational event organiser and venue manager Artexis launched its new brand called Easyfairs which dared to be different and succeeded in standing out in the event business. Artexis Easyfairs decided to rebrand all their activities under simply Easyfairs and the company needed us to design an equally outstanding Activity Report that is being published biennially.

Stand out and be outstanding

Since Easyfairs gained recognition across Europe and even throughout the world, we chose to use our local specialty, namely Brussels sprouts, to symbolise their uniqueness. The gold sprout represents Easyfairs, standing out by its own unique approach to business.  Easyfairs incites its employees, clients and suppliers to Stand out and … be outstanding !

Easyfairs - Cover Activity Report

Employee’s Favorite Object

In order to succeed in our mission, we wanted to bring something rather unpredictable. We decided to put forward all those people who make Easyfairs possible by standing out themselves. Since the book is also distributed within the company, we thought it would be kind of enjoyable and surprising for employees to know what their boss’ and colleagues’ prized possession was. That’s how we got the idea to integrate a kind of mini-interview which put the spotlight on some key employee’s favorite objects.

Easyfairs - ERIC EVERARD
Easyfairs - ERIC EVERARD
What is it?
Tintin’s rocket from Destination: Moon and Explorers on the Moon.
What does it mean to you?
Like Easyfairs, it’s a Belgian creation appreciated around the world. It symbolises the exploration of new frontiers and acceleration towards our goals. The sky is the limit.
Where did you get it?
It’s a gift from my wife.
What are its special qualities?
We share the same mission: “Visit the future”.

Vivid colors and original visuals

We deliberately selected vivid colors since they perfectly symbolize the company’s dynamic and spirited look. To demonstrate some numbers and facts about Easyfairs’ evolution, we took the time to design adequate charts and take entertaining photographs to make it more pleasant to read. What’s even more particular is the ‘hidden use’ of the Easyfair logo. Will you be able to notice the subtle and repeated way in which the heart-shaped logo pops up?

Easyfairs - green


Easyfairs - blue


Easyfairs - mauve


Easyfairs - rose


Easyfairs - orange


Easyfairs - sugar
Easyfairs - map
Easyfairs - pencil
Easyfairs - house

Most of the photographs where made in our studio

Easyfairs - figurines


Next to the printed version, we also designed the digital version, a Digizine – the ideal compromise between an interactive pdf and mini-website. It facilitates reading by scrolling and skipping chapters for its users. The aim is to reach out to broader audiences and inform them about Easyfairs’ current status as well as its amazing past and future projects.