Thanks to Atenor, we are all able to witness a real urban breakthrough. The real estate developer decided to focus on smart and sustainable cities, and called us in to emphasize the idea of smart technology by making it the message behind the wishes this year.

Smart and sustainable

This New Year Card is all about Atenor’s new urban planning and architectural approach which pay close attention to the importance of green spaces, environmentally-friendly materials and renewable energy in the city. The deep respect for sustainable development was our priority. However, at the start of a new year we felt we could also take a moment to look back at Atenor’s most incredible office buildings located in various places around Europe.

Atenor - Happy New Year
Atenor - Envelope

Unfold all slides

Surprise, a smart city appears

Open your lovely card

No way you can resist it

Atenor - Happy New Year
Atenor - Pantone Color

Pantone Color System

All those environmentally-friendly elements appear in a fresh and dynamic way on paper. We based our design on the idea of Pantone’s Color System for its interactivity and playfulness which makes the card also very practical and an appropriate decorative item.

Atenor - Timbre
Atenor - Happy New Year

Foil stamping

By appealing to hot foil stamping on Atenor’s logo, we succeeded in highlighting the prestige of its eco-friendly district for an elegant finish.

Atenor - Brochure