Thinking of flowers, one imagines plenty of colours, delicious perfumes, beautiful shapes, … It’s an attractive and inspiring universe for a graphic designer. What a pleasure to get to design an e-shop for a well-known flower business in Ghent.

Pure and Modern

We had a strong desire to create a graphic identity that reflected modernity and pureness. Too many flower shops are using the “crafty tone” for their websites and e-shops. In order to be different and distinguish our customer from his competitors, we chose to imagine a very sober and refined logo and universe. The website reflects pure white spaces and beautiful images. The main accent lays on the beautiful and colourful bouquets and flower compositions.

Intro Bloem

Personality is to a man what perfume is to a flower

Home Bloem

Colourful and refined

Today you have to be different and fully assume your identity. While visiting your website, the customer has to feel and experience “your universe” to its full extent. For the website BLOEM we opted for a palette of well defined and selected colours, and created a series of graphical elements that appear in a repetitive way throughout the whole website. As we are fans of beautiful typos and well-chosen images, we spent a lot of time selecting them. All of those elements resulting in a strong, recognisable brand.

Gallery Bloem

Mobile First

E-shops have to be accessible instantly on mobile devises. More or less 60% of the internet users navigate on their smartphone. Responsiveness is key while creating and developping an e-shop.
At Victoria we consider this a must.