Carnival is always a good opportunity to be original! At Victoria, our graphic designers flexed their creative muscles as they chose to represent Carnival this year in a different and original way, being the festive animated Paper Art scenography!

Animated Set Design

We may live in a digital world, but our love affair with paper art has by no means diminished. We chose paper to celebrate this day with style . The intricate, multi-layered and pure white paper is packed with details and refined shapes and forms. We used heavy paper stock for the structure and lighter paper for the finer details.

Step by Step

Before getting started, we made a moodboard with images, words, colours, … anything that popped up in our minds when we think about Carnival. Once the selection among vegetal and musical themes was made, we conceived a sketch of the scenography we wanted to create.

Each single element was separately designed and printed. We cut, glued and put them together and, piece by piece, our scenography came to life.

Less is more

At Victoria, we really enjoy DIY. Handmade creations are something that, as graphic designers, we really have to know. It’s the kind of project we feel is more human than any project you can make using software. In our Carnival creation, we opted for a white monochrome composition, instead of using a large palette of colours, in order to play with shadows and lights that emphasize the 3D effect.

Carnival - paper
Carnival - paper

Touch of Pink

Of course, we couldn’t resist putting our own finishing touch to it, i.e. the touch of « happy » pink.