Quality, elegance, beauty and discretion represent very well Dr. Pascal Castus and his new identity.

New identity

Dr. Pascal Castus is a plastic and aesthetic surgeon, well known and appreciated in his field.
He wanted an identity in line with his image : elegant, discreet, true but different.
His new logo, consisting of the initials C and P is built on the shape of the Fibonacci sequence, very strong and related to the golden ratio. The ultimate data of ideal proportions which are found in the criteria of beauty and especially in the harmony of the proportions of the human body, and especially the feminine forms. An ideal aesthetic dimension that fits perfectly Dr. Castus, himself continuously in search of divine proportions.
The color palette is loyal to the medical world but are light and discreet; the light frosted blue soothes and reassures.

Beauty is being the best version of yourself

Both the website and brochure reflect serenity and trust. This was a very important point for us and reflects both in the choice and style of our visuals and the structure of the website.