COPA COGECA brings together the largest European players in the farming and crop-growing field. Victoria is concerned about improving its image, and has come to its aid, in order to refresh, reinvigorate, and harmonise its image, and redesign its website.

A respectful redesign

Before beginning any task, it is important to understand and respect the brand image, as well as the values that it wants to reflect. As the logo already existed, it was important for us to respect it, and create a universe around that logo. The orange/ochre and green colours have been kept, but used in a more modern and design-focused manner. These colours allude to the colour of earth and of plants that are widespread in the farming sector.


Discover the visual refund

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COPA COGECA colour research orange
COPA COGECA colour research green
font research COPA COGECA
illustration COPA COGECA

Digital technology, the company’s main showcase

We wanted the universe and assets of Atenor’s new urban project to be reflected on paper. The mechanical paperboard, the consistent interscrew building and the foil stamping on the cover and back of the brochure, encourage the spirit of construction while giving a prestigious aspect to it. Opting for embossing was the final touch for a true synthesis of this new project through an illustration. We thought the best way to represent this leading real estate developer was by combining its majestuous shapes with the standing it deserves.

old copa cogeca website
new copa cogeca website
COPA COGECA imac responsive

“We pay a lot of attention to the user experience”


A defined identity

We are no longer keeping the importance of a house style for your image from you. COPA COGECA was concerned about working on its image in a better way, so we developed a house style including all of the codes and features that make up its new house style. This document may be distributed to all participants who produce graphic material for the company, in order to ensure that the image is perfectly consistent. This document is your brand’s DNA, and will enable you to grow with that brand in a professional manner.

Brand guideline COPA COGECA
Rotating logo element