DesignPlus trusted us with the creation of their new brand identity. The architecture universe is an infinite source of inspiration for Victoria.

An identity with a plus

DesignPlus is an architecture and interior design agency. Young and dynamic, the company always seeks to be the taste of the day and to find solutions to the various requirements of their customers.
We have developed a new fresh and playful identity that can be declined and adapted in many ways.

Adaptive Identity

In architecture, the layout of the space fits the requirements and the nature of the room whether it is large, small, long or narrow. We decided to keep this flexible and adaptive style for the DesignPlus logo. Whether its color or size, the logo will fit on various media and supports. A flexibility that is typical for DesignPlus and their services.

You have to stand out

The design phase and the realization of the new DesigPlus identity being completed, we had to announce the change in an original way. Making a brand standing out is a big issue at Victoria. We made a brochure containing the brand’s + (PLUS) in a pop-up shape. An original and unexpected way to stand out and make a first good impression.

An inspiring shape

To ensure the consistency of the brand through all the different media and supports, we created original and playful graphical guidelines with bright colors and very graphic pictograms.
The +, a complex and – at the same time – simple symbol, is an infinite source of graphic inspiration to achieve a nice pattern and graphic possibilities.