Everyone is attracted by the glorious smell of chocolate. As all good chocolate deserves a great image, we have brewed up a new identity for Elise, a fully-fledged chocolate maker that offers many varieties.

A logo in your image

Designing a logo for a brand is one of the first steps, and not the simplest one, when creating an identity. The logo must reflect the brand’s values and promise as soon as you set eyes on it. In the case of Elise, we want to communicate the traditional, authentic, and hand-crafted aspect by using a cocoa bean that reminds people of these values. A tightly-structured serif font conveys a feeling of elegance and of pride in the brand.

Chocelise - Old logo Chocelise - New logo

Authenticity is a wonderful value

As Elise is highly focused on the value of authenticity, we developed a highly customised style, by producing an engraving that represents the products offered by the brand. The engraving style boosts the brand’s values.

A website that you can almost smell

We no longer have to prove the importance of a website for a business, especially when the aim is to sell products. We took great care in designing the website, and used enhanced photographs for the products. Consumers must almost smell the chocolate, and savour the pictures with their eyes.

Visit chocelise.be

Chocelise - colour