Plastic surgery is an art mastered by Professor Moustapha Hamdi. Combining this art with graphic arts was an exciting task for Victoria

Professor Dr. Hamdi

Originally from Syria, Dr. Hamdi is a cosmetic surgeon specializing in breast reconstruction. In order to develop an identity of its own, we decided to opt for a soft and pastel color palette. A pale pink that recalls the tone of the skin and a green color of water often present in the hospital environment. In addition to this and to give a unique touch to the site, we added oriental motifs that refer to the origins of the Professor. We wanted to create a warm, soothing and comforting universe.

Customised illustrations

Professor Dr. Hamdi’s interventions are divided into 4 services chapters, representing the zones of different interventions. We have developed 4 custom illustrations playing with soft and natural shapes in light gradient colours to highlight the beautiful natural curves of the body.