As a newcomer in the public affairs scene in Brussels, Incubator Europe wanted their brand to make a remarkable impression. Our designs helped them standout in a crowded market.

logo ieu

European at heart

With Europe in their name and European institutions as their focus, we created a stylized ‘E’ as the centrepiece of their identity. We selected a subtle blue colour for their overall brand, and florescent orange, green and pink for each of their services.

ieu stationary
ieu service stationary

We designed a brand architecture for their different services and seamlessly integrated the ‘E’ into their marketing materials with our signature colourful approach to reinforce their brand.

your profile logo
ieu brochure
your coach logo
ieu brochure
your hub logo
ieu brochure

Breathtaking visuals

For their website, we selected breath-taking visuals that pop off the screen and reinforce their philosophy. The brand experience is a stark contrast from the traditional public affairs consultancy with institutional photos and blasé colour schemes.

ieu website
ieu brochure
ieu brochure