As real-estate developers, LATC needed branding for their flagship project in Lasne that made investors ‘want in’. Our designs made sure that industry insiders stood up and took notice.

Green assets

LATC has a reputation for ‘green’ architecture and building, and this latest project in Lasne is no exception. The site is also in a leafy suburb with lots of trees and open spaces. The branding we created for ‘Le Lodge’ accentuates these key ‘green assets’.

lodge project
le lodge 3D

The leafy branding accentuates the property’s green assets and is broad enough to appeal to any investor.

lodge stationary
le lodge logo
Le lodge mug

Broad appeal

Since the property was under development, it needed to appeal to a broad range of investors with diverse purposes in mind. Selected photography and graphics are meant to maintain this breadth of appeal.