Gingko wanted a brochure that would stick out by its appearance and “touch”, respecting the basic values of their new project.

Welcome in our universe

Once all the information and medias are gathered (plans, diagrams, tables, pictures, 3D visuals,..) it’s very important for us to obtain a coherence and create a consistent universe for the brochure. Often it is necessary to redraw the plans and diagrams to obtain a coherent graphical style. Colour codes are determined and fixed, typos are set and respected, a defined graphical style is applied.

Metal binding

To assemble the brochure we have opted for a non-traditional binding. As the cover is made out of mechanical cardboard, it was an obvious decision to use small metallic screws. Those materials and different textures reflect the architectural style and finishings of the Pasture project. The architectural outline of the building has been embossed into the cover’s cardboard in order to create a recognisable graphical element.

Ginkgo Brochure
Ginko Brochure
Ginkgo Brochure
Ginkgo Book