Solvay Brussels School offers a top Executive MBA program, and challenged us to create a completely new website to showcase its best assets in fresh, contemporary style.

Fresh and inspirational

Solvay gave us the freedom to design and create the new site almost entirely independent of the School of Economics and Management. This was critical since the site at the time was out-dated graphically and in terms of user-experience. The fresh, modern site we created has set a new bar for the University, inspiring management to redesign their total web presence.

solvay responsive

Essential style

The site design is essential in style, focusing in on key images and messages in an uncluttered frame. We carefully selected the sea-green colour to reflect the distinctive patina of the school’s exterior, instead of the traditional orange and blue in the University’s visual identity. This helped to further focus attention on the key visuals and messages, where it belongs.

solvay iphone

Digital storytelling

Faculty and students have incredible stories, which we helped to tell with carefully crafted photos and videos. With a mix of portrait and documentary-style photography, we captured the people and moments that bring Solvay to life online. Videos are kept short for ‘clicks’ and ‘shares’, but stay emotive.

Time without the essence

Solvay needed to immediately change its digital presence to reflect its newly launched program. We created a sharp, short digital brochure to replace the old website until the new site was ready for launch.