When entrepreneurs at BNP Paribas came up with a cool concept for a family-friendly app, they choose Victoria to both brand and develop it for a pitch. Yes!

Branded, kid-friendly

It can be tough for parents to find activities for kids in Belgium. The app that the entrepreneurs dreamed up would help parents to find, discover and share kid-friendly activities of all kinds. Our first task was to brand the concept and get it pitch-ready. We created the name ‘Tam Tam’ and designed a fun logo with playful font and all sorts of other branded illustrations.

tamtam website

Kid-friendly app

When it was time to design and develop the app, we focused on showing how the service would look, feel and work within a simple user-interface. Just to make sure it was crystal clear, we produced a short animated video to explain the concept. BMP management loved Tam Tam at the pitch- especially the branding.

tamtam layers
tamtam logo