At Victoria we decided to go digital for our Best Wishes this year. But, without neglecting our first love : paper.

Paper Lovers

As you know, at Victoria we like to think, create, design and make without inevitably passing by a computer program. We decided to produce our New Years greetings card entirely out of paper. The textures, shades and the 3D effects are all created in a “natural and crafty” manner. Stay natural and creative in 2017!

Paper, work, scisor

Like any job, we first “think on and in paper”. After some pencil strokes, the scene was imagined and drawn. The next step was to cut all the small parts and pieces out of paper and assemble them into the living room scene. A work of precision that was great and fun at the same time.

Frame by frame

To make live scene come alive such a cinemagraph (cf our nice blog topic), we used the stop motion technique. This technique is based on the principle of a cartoon animation. A series of shots are taken with a fixed camera tripod, while moving at each shot a small element of the scene. Once the scenes are mounted one after the other, the scene comes alive.

Victoria Agency - Happy New Year 2017
Victoria Agency - Happy New Year 2017

Paper Pet

Hard to imagine a Victoria wishing card without representing our favourite mascotte and fluffiest fan, Jules.