For a creative agency, Christmas is a fun time of the year. This is one of our favourite holiday cards because it illustrates so perfectly our commitment to ‘designing outside the box’.

DIY card-making

This was not your standard Christmas card. Our 3D card was do-it-yourself (DIY) in the best way. Clients and friends alike loved putting it together, and adding a rare pop-up card to their annual collection.

victoria christmas tree
victoria christmas tree
victoria christmas tree

Wood and lasers

Our 3D card was made with slices of fine wood, not standard paper. Its totally unique texture piqued your curiosity just as much as the DIY instructions. The wood was laser cut with speciality printers within our exclusive network.

victoria christmass tree

Hot pink and the holidays

Who uses hot pink in a Christmas card? We do! And not just because it’s our signature colour. It made our card bold and original, just like us.