Atenor Passport Invitation

Atenor – is expanding and is increasingly developing projects abroad. We made an original and out-of the-box Cocktail Invitation for their Yearly Event, reflecting the international character of it.

Make an Invitation a Gift

It is always more pleasant to receive a beautiful invitation. An innovative and creative invitation will increase the chances of seeing your attendance rate go up. This is why we have designed an invitation in the form of a fake passport. The innovative aspect of this invitation attracts attention, and sparks its recipient’s curiosity, while highlighting the international side of Atenor’s projects. This is an item invitation, which required work on incorporating the customer’s logo in the form of a coat of arms, in order to imitate the look of a passport as closely as possible. Also, as part of a concern to be realistic, leather-effect lamination was applied to the cover, in order to simulate passport covers as closely as possible. Meanwhile, the inside pages were adorned with a series of fine lines, which simulate the filigrees in passports.

Hello from Warsaw

Atenor runs projects in different countries, including Belgium, France, Romania, Luxembourg, Poland, and Hungary. Each page of the passport represents one of these countries, and is stamped with stamps that have been specially designed for that country. We have developed a series of fake stamps, in order to make the passport more realistic. You will find all of the stamps designed for the project below.


These days, it is important to communicate on several media. This will increase the chances of getting your message across, and will improve your brand’s recognition. An email has been designed using the same house style as the passport, in order to warn guests about the imminent arrival of their invitation in their letterbox. This email will therefore enable people to be informed by using another communication channel, but will also act as a “teaser” by sparking the addressees’ curiosity at an early stage.