BOAB Art Gallery

Boab is a new, young and dynamic art gallery in Antwerp. Boab contacted us to design a new identity for them to mark the occasion.

A strong and recognisable identity

Boab comes from the term “baobab”, the famous tree that is both strange and majestic, and embodies the tree of life. We wanted to keep this tree-based approach for Boab’s visual identity. An art gallery renews its stock, and is constantly offering new pictures. We wanted a logo that could be conveyed in several forms, in order to avoid a certain monotony, so as to keep this momentum. We therefore created three patterns based on a specific feature of a baobab, namely its fruit, bark and leaves.

The world of fine art

The world of fine art allows a graphical freedom that other sectors do not enable to the same extent. Accordingly, we opted for highly graphical features combined with a flashy colour, which give Boab a strong image.