Crelan is eager to participate in the digital transition and wanted to offer a training module platform to its employees training them helping them out in this transformation.

A fresh and dynamic universe

In order to respond to the client’s request and briefing, we developed a website highlighting the training possibilities and modules for Crelan agency directors. The new website aims to attract a maximum of interest for the courses. We found it important to realize a fresh and dynamic site while respecting the Crelan identity. Another factor to be considered was the good hierarchy of information and the perfect understanding of it. This is why we put a lot of importance in respecting the sizes of the different titrations and text bodies.

Customised illustrations

To decorate the various visuals on the website, we developed and realized customised illustrations in the colors of the client’s identity. The illustrative style is very different from the linear style that is used nowadays on most of the websites. The very elongated shapes and gradients add a touch of dynamism and speed to the illustrations and create a different and unique graphical universe. The illustrative style is easy to be declined and gives unlimited possibilities for different communication tools.