Efthalia, which is marketed by “Let’s Up”, is a wonderful townhouse divided into luxurious flats. Accordingly, it was necessary to design a luxurious brochure to start with the marketing process.

A design that is worthy of the product

In the case of this design, we wanted to offer a high-quality brochure produced with luxurious materials, in order to reflect the kind of product about which we are communicating. We therefore opted for a cover embossed on special paper with a small touch of hot-foil stamping, in order to showcase the name of the project.

The importance of blank space

The room left for blank space is often underestimated by customers. It enables the contents of the brochure to be spaced out, and gives a more refined and crafted aspect to the formatting. Including too much information on a page is more likely to lose the reader in a load of information. Properly spaced formatting enables the reader’s attention to be attracted much more effectively.