UITP Stockholm Summit

UITP organises a major summit every two years for all of the important players in the public transport. Since UITP had already been won over by the 2017 campaign, we have the opportunity to design the visuals for the 2019 campaign, which will take place in Stockholm.

The concept

Promoting a major event over a two-year period requires a thorough review. Good visuals are therefore crucially important to avoid the general public getting bored of the event. This is why we conducted in-depth research on a creative concept that matches the brand’s values. We highlighted UITP’s motto, which is “The Art of Public Transport”. Stockholm, the city that will host the summit, has a magnificent subway station that is decorated in an artistic way, and is an ideal city for promoting the motto. Following a review, we wanted to highlight the dynamic, creative, and artistic aspect of public transport. Users are likely to develop their creative side by combining the visuals with the setting, which will bring virtual scenes to life by combining virtual imagination and the actual setting.

Getting attention

There is nothing like a video for getting people’s attention and conveying a message. To promote the UITP Summit and encourage attendance, we have shot a video that illustrates the day-to-day experience of Swedish users when they use their public transport network. You can really feel the concept of the campaign thanks to the video, which shows stencils as well as sequences illustrating art in metro stations. However, the video primarily enables us to add feeling, and to show the human side of the campaign.

Go social

As we are always concerned about following trends, we have developed cinemagraphs for social networks based on the campaign concept. We are inviting you to view the cinemagraphs in our blog article. The advantage of these images, which border between animated and fixed images, is that they get attention. You can create unlikely scenes, such as a subway train that does not stop running, which will surprise the person that is looking at it. Cinemagraphs tend to be popular on social networks, and we want to see more of them at Victoria!