La Balbrière

Gingko wanted to develop the identity of this new real estate project located in Ottignies by highlighting the natural and historic location of the project.

A site marked by its history

La Balbrière is a real estate project located on an old sand quarry in Ottignies. This project places great importance on the preservation of nature by preserving in the project a park, a natural area and a forest area. It was major important to keep this natural spirit in the identity of La Balbrière. One discovers immediately the site’s history in the contour lines representing the marked relief of the old sand quarry. The contour lines form an interesting graphical element while being obvious.


Go Digital

In order to stimulate the sales of future housing, the development of a website was an essential. Large immersive images, adapted pictograms and graphical forms composed of contour lines give the site a fresh and modern look. In order to contrast with the natural colors of the logo, the orange color has been added to the color palette. This color helps to draw attention to certain details, such as call to action this to increase the commitment of potential future owners.



A complete communication

La Balbrière entrusted us with the entire guidelines to keep a coherent identity whatever the support or medium used. From print and web to social media trough radio spots, we passionately contribute to transmit the values ​​of this beautiful project.