Maison d’Longueville

Maison D’Longueville, a splendid men’s tailor-made costume workshop, entrusted us with the creation of an original press promotional tool.


When talking about a press map, one automatically thinks about the boring, dull and little creative documents. But at Victoria Agency we like projects that are out of the ordinary! For this press map we imagined and created a complete interactive web experience.
Based on the concept of « the Chamber of Secrets », each journalist received a luxurious branded box with a splendid look alike ancient key. This USB key allows access to a secret and interactive website url promoting the their luxury products combined with some small interior anecdotes and stories. The site takes the visitor through the different rooms of the MDLV castle, a virtual tour out of the ordinary in an illustrative designed environment.


As MDLV are masters in tailor-made suits, this know-how had to be translated into this web experience! For this we painstakingly illustrated each piece of the castle by hand; thanks to the photos made on the spot and a very detailed documentations of the rooms. We analysed everything in the smallest detail to make the experience as realistic as possible.


Give them life …

Having made the choice to create a completely illustrative and thus 2D experience, we decided to give animate some elements. The small animations amuse the visitor, augmenting the visual experience in a fun way. From the teapot that smokes, to the leaf that flies or to the dog who turns his head, the user experience is complete! All this made possible through various web technologies. An indispensable tool that gives cachet to certain 2D creations.