Le Vallon

When real estate giant, Atenor was bidding on a major new development in Brussels, they needed pitch materials that would impress the jury. They trusted us, and we delivered.

Creating Le Vallon

Since the site sits within a rolling valley known as ‘Le Vallon’, we designed the visual identity around this landscape. The gentle curves of the land are reflected in the logo that is cleverly shaped like a house with a rising sun at the centre. The navy blue and subtle gold and silver accentuate the site’s luxury appeal.

Integrating nature

The wooded, leafy park near the site is one of the property’s best assets. We used engraved wood and textured paper to express Atenor’s commitment to preserving the park and building on its natural value.

Each of the Valon brochures is a unique piece because of the handwork it required in assembling all the contents and sowing it together with a « Japanese » seam (couture Japonaise). This kind of book-binding is hardly used in Europe, contrary to Asia where you can find it in various applications.

Couture japonaise seam

Each brochure is truly a unique piece because of the handwork required to assemble and sew it with a couture ‘Japanese’ seam. Since this kind of bookbinding is rarely applied in Europe, it added an extra special, distinctive element to the pitch.