Queen Mathilde Foundation

The Queen Mathilde Foundation called upon Victoria Agency to modernize and propose a new version of their website. The website is attractive for young people and different institutions.

The importance of wireframe

In order to propose a website that perfectly meets your needs and those of your users, it is essential to start the reflection with a wireframe. This step consists in making a mock-up that will represent the structure and the skeleton of your different web pages. This step allows you to develop a good navigation and improve the user experience by focusing on the structural elements and ignoring all the design or decorative elements.


When excellence meets modernity

The Queen Mathilde Foundation is constantly seeking to modernize its image. We therefore reworked the aesthetics of the site and improve the user experience when browsing the site. It was important for us that the new image of the site reflects a certain modernity while keeping a touch of refinement and excellence.