UITP is championing sustainable transport at their Montreal 2017 Summit and trusted us to make their marketing materials as innovative as their industry.

UITP - stop motion

Reimagining Montreal

We used a contemporary twist on ‘Paper Art’ to bring their ideas to life in 3D, helping people to reimagine Montreal and its transport.

Rails, cycling paths, bus stripes: we branded it all with campaign colours to reflect their unique value and inspire new thinking about transport.

uitp brochure

Add to this almost life-true replicas of the Montreal most emblematic buildings and the Campaign visual is born.

Unparalleled production

The things we can do in our workshop! We have unparalleled talent and commitment when it comes to producing 3D models like this. We cut and assembled all the intricate pieces in our workshop, building almost exact replicas of some of Montreal’s most iconic buildings.

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